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About SVS Lift Systems

SVS is recognized as the industry leader for quality projector lifts, boasting a 100% safety record. SVS motorized lifts are sold world-wide through a network of experienced Audio Video dealers/systems integrators. With 10 different projector lifts, SVS Lifts are sure to provide the best solution whatever your requirements may be for traveling distances, height restrictions or lifting capacities.

Our lifts will accommodate all video projectors, speakers, lighting equipment, etc. We can provide lifts in 110 volt and 220 volt versions. SVS houses a complete sheet metal fabrication shop, offering customized accessories ranging from platforms and plenum shrouds to complete ceiling closures systems. SVS products are used in a multitude of venues including home theater, auditoriums, university lecture halls, conference rooms, government and military facilities, etc.

Company History

In 1988, Charles Huffman, an audio video technician with more than 25 years of video and electronic experience, invented a ceiling-to-floor scissor lift in his home garage. The lift invention arose from his experience with the difficulty, expense and safety issues surrounding the access and servicing of ceiling mounted video projectors. Mr. Huffman's extensive experience as a video technician and his thorough understanding of the precise and sensitive nature of video projector applications ensured that functionality, safety and quality were always in the forefront of any lift design.

In 1989, Mr. Huffman, along with members of his immediate family, incorporated SVS and filed for a patent on his first lift design. SVS was moved to a full manufacturing facility in 1991. Mr. Huffman received his first patent for the video projector lift in 1993, a second patent in 1994 and a third patent in 2003. SVS Lifts continues to maintain exclusive rights for use of the patents in the manufacturing of our lifts.

The industry's acceptance of the video projector lift, along with SVS' exceptional product performance and safety record fueled the continued expansion of SVS. In 2002, SVS Lifts moved to its new location in Panama City, FL. in order to meet the growing demand and continue to provide the service, quality and precision SVS products are known for. SVS assumes total control of the manufacturing processes. With the exception of the motors and certain electrical components, all lift parts are manufactured and assembled on-site, adhering to tolerance specifications and quality control procedures much more strict than could be provided by outside sources.

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