SVS Lifts

What Are the Advantages of Purchasing an SVS Lift?


Safety is SVS's top concern. All features of our lifts are designed with safety in mind. Our 100% safety record after 30 years reflects our commitent to this issue. The patented drum lock fail safe device, along with the heavy duty construction provides unsurpassed performance and longevity.

Ceiling-to-Floor Access
SVS lifts reduce the ongoing costs associated with general service and maintenance of your projectors. The ceiling-to-floor access provided by our lifts allow the projectors to be lowered into a service position and accessed by a single technician, eliminating the time and costs associated with scaffolding and multiple service personnel, which are often required with a typical stationary ceiling mounted projector.

Superior Product Design
SVS has intentionally kept the electronics of the lift as simple as possible, thereby reducing the potential for electrical component failure and/or malfunction. The use of channel scissors, heavy steel, grade 5 fasteners and other heavy duty components, combined with the precision grooved drum and other manufacturing techniques ensure level, accurate tracking with properly mounted equipment at lowering distances down to 33 feet.

Easy Integration
SVS lifts can be easily integrated with external control systems for seamless automation. SVS also provides a series of optional electronic power sensing and triggering accessories for integrating the operation of the lift with the projector or other equipment.

Customer Service
SVS takes great pride in the level of Customer Service we provide. Our staff will provide all assistance necessary in a friendly, yet professional manner to ensure a quality installation and quick response to your questions. Our Sales and Technical Support lines are answered by real people, no annoying automated phone systems to deal with!

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