SVS Lifts


FP1 Ceiling Closure Panel

  • Flat ceiling closure panel
  • 15/16-inch trim frame supplied to finish ceiling opening.
  •  Ceiling Closure will be custom made to projector dimensions.
  • Supplied unpainted.
  • Can be lipped or lipless
    • Lipped overlaps existing ceiling
    • Lipless can be flush with or recessed into the existing ceiling.

#2 Plenum Shroud

Protective metal Cover for lift and projector in air plenum rated ceiling. Plenum shroud will be custom made to projector dimensions.

Cable Retainers

Standard Cable Management on all SVS Projector Lifts

#9 Projector Mount

Attaches projector to lift.  Will be installed on the lift for the SVS Mini 7, SVS Mini 7EX,  SVS 7, SVS 7EX, and SVS 12EX Lifts.

#10 Dual Stack Mount

Mounts two projectors on lift. Shown at left on SVS 7 Series Lift (projectors not included).

#11 Extra Show Position

Lowers projector to an additional show position.

#13 Platform (Metal)

Supports monitors, projectors, speakers or other equipment. Custom made to fit equipment.

#13R Platform (Removable)

Provides easy access to service large projectors or equipment

#13 Camera Platform

Customized platform for video conferencing cameras, projectors on #8 motorized rotor, and other custom applications. Provides un-obstructive view for panning cameras or projectors.

#14 Floor Access Motor Control

Provides easy access to lifts power supply, solid state motor control circuit board, and fuse up to 220-feet from lift. Requires on-site electrical conduit/wiring. Conduit/wiring from lift to control box not supplied. (USA only)

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